Friday, December 14, 2012

Chicken Soup Blues

Three At Home Helpers for Parents

Cold and flu season can be tough on little sprouts . . . and big ones too! Whether your little one is nursing a sniffle or an all-out winter bug attack, read on to find three simple at home helpers for making their sick days (and yours) pass by a whole lot faster.

Cure the Croup

Croup is one of the scariest illnesses for both children and parents alike. Wheezing breaths and barking coughs leave little airways sore and feeling tight. Doctors recommend that during an attack you move your child into the bathroom and allow the hot water of the shower to continually run, thus creating steam. Sit there with your child in a comfy blanket for 15 minutes.  Then open the freezer and ask your child to take several deep breaths for at least one minute. This combination zaps croup symptoms by reducing inflammation long enough for your child to get back to sleep comfortably. Repeat as needed.

Build a Bed Top Fort

All day in bed can make little hands and feet eager to sneak out of the covers for more exciting scenery. Curb little sneaker’s escape tricks with a fort made especially for sick days. Add a flashlight, a book and some crayons and you’ve got instant fun. In addition, to keeping your little one entertained, you’ll also help prevent the spread of germs by keeping your child confined.

Encourage Rest

If your child comes down with the flu on the weekend, this one won’t go over so well; but if it’s a school day you just might win the Mom of the Year award! Rest is extremely important when fighting off illness. Rest frees up your child’s body to focus all its energy on getting well. A movie marathon can help pass the time.

When it comes to helping your child feel better, a combination of at home care, doctor’s advice when necessary and rest are imperative. But the most important component of all is giving your child a little extra love . . . it is after all, the best medicine.

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