Monday, August 17, 2009

In addition to providing parents child identification cards, Ident-A-Kid also helps keep children safe at school by providing schools with our Complete Campus Security Solution (CCSS) software. This comprehensive visitor management tool is donated by Ident-A-Kid to the schools in the communities they serve.

CCSS allows schools to easily track all visitors and issue a variety of ID badges, including photo, by just pointing and clicking. Your campus can be a safer place by printing “on demand” Visitor, Volunteer, Substitute, and Student passes. Also, an archived photo can be automatically taken of each visitor or their driver’s license can be scanned at Check In for positive ID. Additionally, this software enables you to instantly check to see if new visitors are listed as convicted sexual offenders in the U.S. Department of Justice’s national database.

Our Complete Campus Security Solution has many features!
· CCSS is very user friendly
· We have a toll-free support line to call for any questions (800-890-1000)
· CCSS can track all visitors that are on the school’s campus
· CCSS can also track students leaving early or arriving late
· CCSS can track Employees, Substitutes, and Contractors
· CCSS can track volunteers by the date and time
· New RFID JiffyPass™ Badges make Checking In and Out quick and easy for frequent visitors
· CCSS has a link provided for the U.S. Dept of Justice’s Convicted Sexual Offenders Database
· Seven variable badge categories (school’s choice)
· Frequent visitor list for fast processing
· Password-protected utilities and reporting
· Archival capability
· User Help screens with FAQs and Operational Procedures
· NO CONTRACTS – Free Software Upgrades!

There are many Optional Features for CCSS!
· Optional Driver’s License Scanner
· Optional Double Dymo Printer for printing badges and late slips
· Optional Photo Capture of all Check-Ins for positive ID
· Optional Badge Description field for bilingual translation or detailed instruction
· Option for automatic Check-Out
· Optional Barcode Reader
· Touch Screen Compatible
For more information or to order Complete Campus Security Solution software for your school today, just visit and click Orders or call your local Ident-A-Kid program director.