Friday, October 16, 2009

Family Locator Service from Sprint

Here at Ident-A-Kid, in addition to child identification, we are concerned about your child’s safety. Sprint’s Family Locator is a great way to know where your child is if he/she is carrying their cell phone. Below is some information from about Sprint’s Family Locator.

Sprint Family Locator is the convenient, reliable and secure way to find family members—instantly— from any Web-enabled mobile phone or any computer connected to the Web.

Key Features

Real-time interactive satellite maps with street addresses and landmarks
Safety ChecksSM. Send automatic notifications of child's location on specific days and at precise times.

See where children have been by using maps featuring 7 days of historical locations.

Send text messages to the children you're locating from your phone or the web.

Access is password-protected so only authorized parents and guardians can locate children.

What You will Need


Parents & Guardians. You can locate your children from any web-enabled computer or mobile phone after you sign up online.

Children. You don't need to install anything on the phones you wish to locate. Sprint Family Locator uses the GPS technology already built-in to every Sprint phone, so it is compatible with every Sprint phone.

Plan and Plan Add-Ons

Once you've signed up for Sprint Family Locator, no additional add-ons are necessary to use the service. However, since the service sends text messages to phones when they are located, you may want to add a Messaging add-on to your plan to avoid per-message fees.

If you would like to locate your child from your phone, you can simply point your mobile web browser to and sign on. There is no additional charge to use the mobile Web application once you've signed up, however, a data transfer fee of $.03 may apply without a data pack or data-included plan.

Sprint Family Locator
- $5/mo. per family (includes up to 4 locatable phones per family).

For more information about Sprint’s Family Locator, visit or