Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Child Safety Education

Even though child identification is a big aspect of our business, Ident-A-Kid is committed to child safety and the protection of children. This is why Ident-A-Kid has partnered the Child Rescue Network, a non-profit charity dedicated to protecting children. As part of our partnership many of our Ident-A-Kid Program Directors have received several hours of child safety training by the Child Rescue Network and have become Certified Child Safety Representatives. They have become certified in order to be able to provide educational programs for parents. They can come to your church, PTA, HOA, or other venues to help parents teach their children to become aware of possible dangerous situations and how to react to these situations. Just contact the Child Rescue Network at 877-209-5437 ext. 81 to find out about scheduling a program with a representative near you. Below is a list of our Program Directors certified by CRN and their area.
v Barbara Sandler – Southeast Florida
v Linda Emery – Southwest Florida
v Leslea Amidon – Northeast Florida
v David Fields – New York City
v Lillian Dorazio – New Hampshire
v Jerry Devine – Rhode Island
v Joyce Gold – Pennsylvania
v LuEllen Rierson – Southeast North Carolina
v Kirk Cox – Southeast South Carolina
v Delores Parker – Oklahoma
v De De White – Alabama

More information can be found at www.childrescuenetwork.org