Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Safety Tips

In addition to Child Identification, we here at Ident-A-Kid are concerned with your child’s safety during the holidays. Below are some safety tips for the holidays from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for you and your family.

General Christmas Safety Tips

• Make sure Christmas trees are well anchored and watered so they do not become a fire hazard.
• Keep all breakable Christmas ornaments, electrical extensions and burning objects (candles, incense and potpourri pots) out of small children’s reach.

• Make sure your fireplace is screened and all trees, presents, and children are kept away from fire.

• When wrapping presents keep scissors out of children’s hands.

• Make sure infants and toddlers don’t play with ribbon.

• When involving children in holiday baking make sure adults handle all of the hot items.

• While shopping never let your children out of your sight.

• If your child is lost in a mall or department store, make sure you have your child’s Ident-A-Kid card available and demand that the store take appropriate action.

• Follow all age guidelines on toys and do not deviate.

• Teach children not to succumb to temptation of toys or candy in a shopping environment.

• Request an escort back to your car when you are finished shopping at night.

• Never leave your children unattended in a car.

• Create well-supervised activities for children during Christmas break

Toy Safety Tips for Holiday Shoppers

• Select toys to suit the age, abilities, skills and interest level of the intended child.

• For infants, toddlers and all children who still mouth objects, avoid toys with small parts that could pose a fatal choking hazard.

• Look for sturdy construction, such as tightly secured eyes, noses and other potential small parts.

• For all children under age 8, avoid toys that have sharp edges and points.

• Do not purchase electric toys with heating elements for children under age 8.

• Be a label reader. Look for labels that give age recommendations and use that information as a guide.

• Check instructions for clarity. They should be clear to you, and when appropriate, to the child.

• Immediately discard plastic wrappings on toys, which can cause suffocation, before they become deadly playthings

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