Thursday, February 25, 2010

Introducing The New eKid-ID!

In addition to our regular Ident-A-Kid cards, we would like to introduce the electronic Ident-A-Kid card, eKid-ID. In case of emergency, your cell phone is likely to be the first thing you grab. With your child’s eKid-ID stored directly on your cell phone, you can immediately distribute his or her information to authorities, friends, and neighbors. They can forward the information to their contacts, significantly increasing the chances of quickly locating your child. This service is offered free from Ident-A-Kid as a bonus when you purchase multiple Ident-A-Kid cards.

We here at Ident-A-Kid think this is a very important service to have available. If your child is going on a trip with a friend’s family or just going out with them for a night of fun, think of how easy it would be to send your child’s eKid-ID to the accompanying parent’s cell phones. This way, each chauffeur has a copy of your child’s picture, your contact information, and details about your child’s appearance.

What if you are leaving for the evening and your children are staying with or going on an outing with a babysitter? You can easily send your babysitter a copy of your eKid-ID so that he or she can keep it with them. This way, if the child is taken or leaves the house, the babysitter has current information about your child that he or she can easily give to local law enforcement, neighbors, or people in the area.

Another good use for your eKid-ID is when your child is flying unaccompanied and meeting someone at the airport. You can electronically send the person meeting your child at their destination the eKid-ID. This way, the person meeting your child can have a copy of you and your child’s information and will be able to show it immediately to security if there is a problem or as a preventative measure.

You can even send it to your email address so that you have a copy of it on your computer. If your child is lost or missing, the eKid-ID gives you the ability to send out a current picture, fingerprint, and identifying information immediately upon realizing something is wrong.

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