Monday, October 22, 2012

Melted Crayon Art

This popular DIY project creates a colorful canvas that looks great in your child’s room or anywhere in the house. Your child will enjoy picking out the colors and watching them melt down the canvas.

What You Will Need

·         Canvas

·         Hot glue gun

·         Glue stick

·         Hair dryer

·         Newspaper

·         Crayons (enough to line up across the top of your canvas)


1.      Pick out the crayon colors you wish to use and lay them flush across the top of the canvas until you run out of room. Creating a rainbow of colors or using colors that match your décor are good ideas.  Try to place groups of the same color together so the color has an impact.

2.      If you wish to remove the paper from the crayons, do this now. 

3.      Using the hot glue gun, place a line of glue on a crayon.  If you are wishing to have a certain part of the paper showing, make sure you put the glue on the opposite side.  Press the glued crayon onto the canvas with the tip facing down.  Repeat until all of your crayons are secured.

4.      Lean your canvas against something so it is standing up with the crayons at the top. Place newspaper underneath and around the canvas to protect the surface it’s sitting on from any crayon drippings.

5.      Turn your hair dryer on and aim it at the crayons. You may need to experiment a bit with the temperature when you see how the crayons are melting. Depending on how much you want the crayons to drip down the canvas, you may need to go back and melt the crayons more as they drip down the canvas.

6.      Let the wax dry thoroughly before hanging up your canvas.


Decoration Ideas

·         Use only blue crayons. Cut out silhouettes of people with umbrellas and add them to the canvas, so the melted blue crayons will look like rain.

·         Use green and brown crayons to look like the stems of flowers. Cut out flower images from paper and glue them onto the canvas.

·         Create a shape, such as a heart, out of crayons in the middle of the canvas with their tips pointing outwards. Melt the crayons so the wax bleeds to the edge of the canvas.

·         Cut an image or name out of contact paper and glue it onto the canvas.  Melt the crayons as usual and remove the contact paper when the crayons dry.  You will now have a white image or name surrounded by the melted crayon colors.

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